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Why Choose NYC Car Dealers

There are many reasons why our customers choose NYC Car Dealers to purchase their auto lease. We think you should choose us too! Shoppers have many options when they start looking for a vehicle in the automotive industry. You can buy a vehicle with either a loan or cash. Another option is to lease a car. It really is a matter of preference, but we find that over the years, customers are starting to prefer leasing to purchasing.

Our auto leasing service differs from traditional car leasing companies in many ways. Other corporations have a physical address, whereas we operate entirely online. Not every business has a physical location, which is exactly what we have done. It makes the shopping experience more pleasant because you do not have someone looking over your shoulder pushing you to make a decision. Additionally, our line of vehicles is widely diverse. We carry renowned brands from around the world.

Discounted Leasing Rates

Something else that distinguishes our company above the rest is the amazing discounted leasing rates that we offer our clients. Go ahead and check out the auto leasing rates we carry compared to other traditional auto leasing companies in the industry. You will find that our rates beat theirs every single time. In addition, our inexpensive rates are paired with flexible car leasing agreements that we are ready to modify to fit any payment schedule set specifically for each customer’s needs.

If you are wondering how NYC Car Dealers managed to come up with discounted auto leasing rates that benefit everyone, let us explain. We already knew that if we decided to operate as a brick and mortar company, then we could not give massive savings to our clients. We were only able to reduce our car leasing rates because we decided to operate exclusively from our online business platform. To get started and request a quote on the vehicle you like, give us a call today at (347)-537-2801.

Early Lease Termination

If you have ever leased a car from a traditional car leasing corporation, if you have or had decided to terminate your auto lease prior to the agreement, then you would have received a high early termination fee. This is definitely common practice among dealerships around the country. Unfortunately, this can have a devastating impact on their clients who might be experiencing financial hardship.

Our terms are not anywhere near as strict if our customers unexpectedly come to us with a need to end their car lease. We want to work with our customers and not hit them with a high termination fee. We are ready to provide you with many options that will be more beneficial to all of the parties involved without placing additional unnecessary stress on you.

Lease Return Policies

We understand that our clients are going to return their automobile showing some wear and tear after their lease is up. It is a normal part of driving a vehicle every day. Some individuals find, after leasing their car from a traditional auto leasing company, that they were charged for items that were never discussed or seem to be completely unreasonable.

At NYC Car Dealers in NYC, we will never apply lease return charges to the final invoice at the completion of your auto lease. Finally, we always ensure our clients are armed with the complete information of our automotive leasing regulations - this includes our car lease return policies. We are always here if you have any questions about your auto lease policies. We will always be transparent and explain anything you do not understand. Feel free to call us during normal operating hours at (347)-537-2801



Click here to view our lease specials !